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Ever since the great nights of the 2006 World Cup in Germany – where it has created a feeling of belonging between complete strangers in the entire nation – public viewing has become a great favourite for big sports events. Also, in 2006, the word "Fanmeile" (fan park) has been selected the word of the year, the term "Rudelgucken" made its way into the Duden and the Japanese copied our term "Public Viewing" for their own sports event screenings. While this kind of socialising has become more and more established, our detective agency in Euskirchen (+49 228 2861 4084) has noticed that the requests for investigations in cases regarding employees who seem to be throwing a sickie and cheaters have increased every two years – always during the two big, international football events. In the following example, we present a case from the 2016 UEFA European Championship.

Noticeable changes in behaviour serve as indicator for infidelity

The infidelity of a partner is always a painful matter for the deceived one. Usually, it is followed by drastic changes in life, which is why many people despair when in doubt that their partner is faithful. Our private detectives in Euskirchen help to clear up such uncertainties, acquiring facts – no matter where and when the evidence for infidelity can be found.


Mr Mendig, too, was kept up at night by such excruciating doubts. The behaviour of his partner had changed, had become distanced. She spent a lot of time at the gym, stayed out long at night and barely showed any interest in the man whom she had been in love with for so many years – Mr Mendig was sure of that. She kept on talking about her training partner in a way that made Mr Mendig somewhat concerned. Her training partner was a well-toned policeman of forty-two, bold, probably taking steroids. It was a strange feeling, a sense of foreboding, without having any precise indications. Since he could no longer remain passive, Mr Mendig approached our private detective agency in Euskirchen to commission a surveillance of his partner at the public viewing event of the semi-finals between Germany and France. According to the target person, she was going to meet with a girlfriend in a bar to treat herself to a girls' night out with football and sparkling wine.

German supporters; detective agency Euskirchen, private investigator Euskirchen
Despite all the corruption scandals and the commercialisation, football has lost none of its fascination in Germany. Detectives regularly operate at "public viewing" locations – reasons are adultery, employees skipping work, theft from tills and so forth.

Public kissing and other display of affection

Mr Mendig dropped off his partner, the target person of our two detectives in Euskirchen, at the bar of the public viewing. On the way back, she would take a taxi as she might be late. When the target person arrived at the event location, about 100 enthusiastic football fans were already there. After our client had left, his partner, with a German flag on her cheek, went directly to a man who looked just like the personal description of said training partner. He was wearing a German football shirt. They greeted each other with kisses on the cheek, something which is quite usual for friends, as well. The target person sat down next to the gentleman and they began an intimate conversation.


Upon the whistle for kick-off, our private investigators in Euskirchen could observe how the policeman and the target person kissed on the lips, it looked like an insider ritual for good luck. During the rest of the evening, the two continued to display their affection, caressing each other, kissing after a toast, snuggling, and more. After Schweinsteiger's handball dilemma in the penalty area and the resulting lead of the French team just before half-time, the two target persons were noticeably upset – at least for a short moment. Only a few minutes later, they used the fifteen-minute break for taking selfies, head leaning against head, head against shoulder, lips on lips. When it became clear that Germany would not reach the finals, a general sense of disillusion spread through the bar. The conversations became less and went quiet, faces became frustrated, and the target persons of our detective agency in Euskirchen were no exception. Especially Mr Mendig's partner, her hand constantly being squeezed by the policeman, seemed restless as if she wanted to leave the bar as soon as possible.

Private after-match party: car park sex in Euskirchen

After the match, the two target persons seemed again a lot more cheerful, or, as we learned later, full of anticipation. Holding hands and chatting cheerfully, they walked to the sportsman's vehicle, followed by our detective's team of Euskirchen. Since our detectives had not parked close to the previously unknown target vehicle, it was only with a fair amount of effort and some luck that they could take up the chase. The operation finally got lucky when all the football enthusiasts, leaving at the same time, caused a traffic jam. After only a few kilometres, the target vehicle drove up to the edge of an allotment garden area, which was deserted at the time, of course, and parked at a narrow entrance gate. Our detectives of Euskirchen could not follow immediately as it would have been too obvious in such a quiet environment. One of the investigators remained seated in the car to keep an eye on the exit road, so that he could follow the target persons upon their departure. The other colleague walked toward the parked target vehicle. It was completely dark inside the vehicle, yet, one could hear a soft, not entirely definable noise. Having found a hiding spot behind a wall close to the car, the detective listened. Gradually, he could confirm without any doubt that the two target persons were having sexual intercourse inside the car. 


When he was entirely sure of this fact, the investigator made his way back to the vehicle with his colleague. Half an hour later, the target vehicle returned to the road and continued toward the home address of Mr Mendig and his partner. Approximately one kilometre from the apartment, the policeman stopped at a taxi rank and his lover left the car to take a cab for the rest of the way – obviously to maintain the pretence of a girls' night out. During the entire operation, Mr Mendig had been in contact with the private investigators of Euskirchen who informed him of any new observations made. Now, he was expecting his partner and broke up with her that same night.

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Alter Markt, Euskirchen


Naturally, all names and locations in the above text have been altered beyond recognition.


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