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Siegburg is the district's capital, the administrative seat of the district Rhein-Sieg, and belongs to the administrative region of Cologne. It is located in the South of North Rhine-Westphalia, in the metropolis region Rhein-Ruhr. Currently, 42,148 people live in Siegburg (April 2015). Our corporate detectives and private investigators will gladly operate on your behalf: +49 228 2861 4084.


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Theft in Siegburg | Private detectives investigate

Siegburg is a city of motion, preserving its organic structure and special atmosphere. The extraordinary mixture of the city: interesting and lovely, modern and placid. Siegburg can offer a wide range of cultural events and leisure activities. Art, music and literature enthusiasts can enjoy ambitious exhibitions and concerts, readings and theatre productions. Frequent event series, such as the Humperdinck music festival or the Siegburg literature weeks, enrich the cultural life of the city. In 2006, the Rhein-Sieg-Halle was erected, an event location with modern technology and large audience capacities, not only hosting events of the city's theatre season but also offering a varied in-house programme, adding to the cultural atmosphere of the city. The city is very popular with day visitors, but the growing number of tourists also entails a certain risk potential. In this way, investigations in cases of pickpocketing and shoplifting and theft from vehicles are, by now, common tasks of our detectives in Siegburg.

Short trip to Siegburg – and easy departure

The Siegburg train (tram line 66) connects the district's capital to Bonn, leaving every ten minutes and running via the Kennedy Bridge and Konrad-Adenauer Bridge. The tram line 66 also stops in Sankt Augustin. And since 2003, Siegburg is connected to the ICE high speed railway line Cologne-Rhein/Main. Especially for that occasion, the district capital has erected a new station building, including adjoining shops. Further, Siegburg has access to the Autobahn 560 (toward Bonn and Hennef) and the A 3 (Frankfurt-Cologne), as well as the Bundesstraßen 8 and 56. Hence, Siegburg's transport connection to the region has clearly improved throughout the past few years.


Obviously, this connection not only allows the inhabitants of Siegburg to reach the closest big cities. Also visitors can easily get to Siegburg and leave again quickly. So, Siegburg has become a popular destination for thieves – especially since the construction of the new station building and the surrounding shopping area. Getting off the train – into the closest shop – stealing something – and leaving again. Or reaching into a handbag within the crowds of the shopping area and the station and disappearing again on the next train – there is an abundance of possibilities. Thus, due to its growing infrastructure Siegburg has become a location of frequent investigations by our detectives.

Michaelsberg Abbey; private detective Siegburg, detective agency Siegburg, investigation company
The Michaelsberg Abbey, situated on the Michaelsberg, is Siegburg's main landmark.

Debts and crime | Private detective agency Siegburg

In one year only, the district administration and the 19 cities and municipalities in the district Rhein-Sieg have piled up new debts worth 124.4 million Euro. As a result, the district's debts within the public sector have reached a new record of 2.038 billion (!) Euro – as the district's latest statistics on communal debts shows. With a debt per person of 8,225 Euro, Siegburg is not only first within the district but also on a nationwide level. The absolute numbers also remain in the lead –unchallenged. The mountain of debt has increased to 327 million Euro (all numbers from 2013).


Besides the communal (public) debts, there are also debts of individual city dwellers. The income of Siegburg's population lies with 18,000 Euro approximately 2,000 Euro below the average income in NRW. This income situation tempts the inhabitants themselves to commit delicts such as theft and burglary. While the police station Siegburg can be delighted in the decrease of general crimes in the past year, the increasing number of domestic burglaries is rather concerning. In total, 28,832 crimes were counted. Unfortunately, the crime clearance rate has decreased by 1 % (2014), compared to the previous year.


If you have become the victim of a crime, please, give us a call. Detectives of the Kurtz Detective Agency: +49 228 2861 4084. Our work procedure is similar to that of the police force but we have our own methods and experts and usually identify the offender.

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